What COROS Frontier Smart Helmet Can Do Intelligently?

Embedded with cutting edge bone conduction technology, Coros Frontier smart helmet can bring a bunch of smart features to the cyclists. These unique features Coros is offering will allow the cyclists to enjoy their ride by listening music, radio and podcast and keep themselves connected with their family and friends while they are riding. The most important part is that you can still hear everything around you at the same time.  You can learn more from this video.

Bone Conduction Speaker
How Bone Conduction Audio Works

Sound waves are turned into vibrations delivered through your upper cheekbones. The Cochlea receives the vibrations, bypassing the ear canal and ear drum. This feature is very important for cyclists because that means you can hear audio and hear your surroundings as you ride, such as cars and other potentially dangerous obstacles.

Safety is always our top priority. Now you can enjoy your ride and be full aware of what is happening surround you at the same time.

Music and Podcast

Will it make your riding more enjoyable if you can listen to the music, radio and podcast you like at the same time while you are riding? You can also easily manage to pause or skip to the next song or audio file through smart remote mounted on the handlebar.

Taking phone call

Due to the nature of their work or business, a lot of cyclists would like to answer a phone call if they can do it safely. With Coros, you can easily and safely answer a phone call which might be important to you now. All you need to do is pressing a button on smart remote which is mounted on the handlebar. 

Voice Navigation

One day you might want to have a try on a new route which can give you a buzz of that day. Somehow, you might lose your direction somewhere. No worry, through COROS Frontier smart helmet Voice Navigation feature, you can easily find your way out again.

Emergency Alerts

If the cyclists are engaged in any collision and fall off the bike, the sensor embeded in our helmet would be able to detect it. An emergency alert SMS with GPS location would be generated and sent to nominated emergency contact. 

Communicate between the riders through Walkie Talkie

When a group are riding or training together, it would be so much fun and convenient if group members can communicate each other through Walkie Talkie. For a group activity, there are just too many reasons to keep this function available.  Walkie Talkie unit is packed and sold separately and will be available for sale soon.

Data Sync

Coros can collect real time data of your riding, and then sync those data back to your smart phone. You can view and share your riding data through smart phone app.

COROS Frontier - Features

Performance road cycling helmet with high speed low drag aerodynamic design and airflow vent cooling

Connected to smartphone audio capabilities - music, phone calls, voice navigation and others

Open ear bone conduction for precision sound and full environmental and traffic awareness

Smart Remote for hands-free audio control for volume, track forward, pause & play, communications.

App to manage GPS ride details, routes, leaderboards, voice navigation; Data share with popular apps

SOS emergency alert via G-sensor

Comfortable foam strip lining, and dynamic fitting via ratchet system for extended wearing

All Weather: Rain, Water, Splash, Sweat resistant

COROS Frontier - Specifications

Material: Polycarbonate Shell With EPS Impact Foam

Ventilation: Aerodynamic Optimized, 15 Vents

Speaker Type: Bone Conduction

Speaker Sensitivity: 100 ± 3dB

Frequency Response: 100Hz—20KHz

Microphone: Wind Resistant, Top Mounted

Battery: Rechargeable Lithium; 10+ hours play&talk time

Indicator: LED for Operation, Charge, Low Battery

Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.0; iOS, Android devices

Australian and NZ Standard Certified AS/NZS 2063:2008

Australian & New Zealand Standard
      AS/NZS 2063:2008 Certified 
Product Information

Model:    Coros Frontier

Colors:    Black Blue & Silver White, Matt Black, White Red

Sizes:      Medium 54-58cm & Large 57-61cm

Weight:   Approx. 380 grams - Medium, 400 grams - Large

Package includes

Smart Helmet, Smart Remote and Mount, USB charge cable, Helmet bag, Reflective safety decals, Manual

Walkie Talkie is packed and sold separately as accessory.

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