Coros Omni Smart Helmet

In 2016, Coros introduced the innovative Frontier Smart Helmet to outstanding reviews and global acceptance. A year later, Coros is at it again! The new Coros OMNI Smart Helmet will raise the bar with a smarter, lighter, safer design that helps riders get the most enjoyment, awareness, and freedom out of cycling while elevating safety and performance.

Coros™ OMNI smart helmet is designed to help you get the most enjoyment and awareness out of your ride while enhancing safety. Coros™ OMNI - helmet, smart remote, and mobile app – delivers smartphone connectivity, two-way audio, and instant accessibility, all packed into a high performance, multipurpose helmet. Open-ear bone conduction audio - no wires, no earbuds, no safety compromises – links to your music, friends, riding group mates, navigation, and ride data to enrich the ultimate riding experience.

Coros Omni Product  Features

  • Performance multipurpose aerodynamic helmet with 18 vent airflow cooling design.

  • Open ear bone conduction for precision sound and full environmental awareness.

  • Precision two-way audio for music, calls and communication, voice navigation and data.

  • Smart remote for hands-free audio control for volume, track forward, pause/play, calls.

  • App for ride details, routes, voice navigation, GPS data; Data share with STRAVA™ and Map My Ride.

  • Day/Night LED safety illumination feature provides maximum visibility throughout day and night.

  • G-Sensor emergency alert system sends SMS text and GPS location to emergency contact.

  • Comfortable foam strip lining and dynamic fit via ratchet system for extended wear.

  • All weather: Rain, water, splash, sweat resistant (IPX5).

Coros Omni Product Specification

  • Material: Polycarbonate Shell With EPS Impact Foam

  • Padding: Hot-press lining + EVA padding

  • Ventilation: Aerodynamic optimized, 18 vents

  • Visor: Removable visor, interchangeable accessory

  • LED: Safety cycling light and light sensor. 3 RGB per side

  • Speaker Type: Improved 2nd generation bone conduction audio

  • Speaker Sensitivity: 85 ± 3dB

  • Speaker Frequency Response: 100Hz—20KHz

  • Microphone: Latest silicon mic, improved all and wind resistance quality

  • Battery: 700mAh Li-thion battery, 8+ hrs play/talk time

  • Compatibility: Bluetooth 4.1; iOS, Android devices

  • Helmet weight: Approx. 340 grams

  • Certified: AS/NZS 2063:2008

How Bone Conduction Audio Works?

Bone conduction bypasses the eardrums so your ears remain open and unimpeded. Sound waves are converted into vibrations and delivered through your upper cheekbones. The cochlea receives the vibrations, bypassing the ear canal and eardrum. For cyclists, this is super important because that means you can hear audio and hear your surroundings as you ride, such as cars and other potentially dangerous obstacles.

LED Safety Illumination

Coros Omni includes a built-in day/night LED safety illumination feature designed to provide maximum visibility, day and night. The LED illumination feature automatically activates at dusk via a built-in light sensor.  The light can also be activated via the handlebar mounted smart remote during day or night.

Impact / Emergence Alert

For added safety that leverages the latest in technology, Omni includes a built-in impact G-sensor emergency alert system. Your emergency contact is set up and stored in the Coros™ Smart Phone App. Designed to activate at an impact force of 1G or more, Omni will send an SMS text message with a corresponding GPS location to your designated emergency contact. Per the image below, the SMS text message received by the designated emergency contact links to a map of the exact GPS location identifying where the impact took place.

Smart Remote

Included with the Coros™ OMNI system is the handlebar mounted Coros™ Smart Remote. Control volume, skip tracks, pause music, take calls, activate built-in safety light, record ride data and more without stopping to fumble with your phone. Easy to install on any handlebar, it gives riders an easy, safe way to stay connected while they ride.

Smart Phone App

Available for Apple iOS or Android. Use the app to connect your helmet, the Coros™ OMNI Smart Remote and smartphone. Track your rides and ride history to include distance, time, average speed, max speed, calories burned, elevation and more. Connect and sync your ride data with popular apps such as STRAVA™ and MapMyRide. Designate an emergency contact who’ll be notified in the event of a significant helmet impact.

All Weather Performance

Not only is OMNI a multi-purpose hybrid smart cycling helmet, it has been designed for all weather use.  OMNI is fully functional in sub-freezing temperatures and performs in temperate climates exceeding 40°C. With an (IPX5) water resistance rating, OMNI is resistant to rain, snow, water, splash, and sweat. Essentially, OMNI will go wherever your ride takes you.

Lighter, Cooler, Smarter

OMNI is lighter, cooler, and smarter than it's predecessor. We've dropped more than 40 grams to reach a respectable 340 total grams. Equally important, we increased airflow with 18 total vents for a lightweight and cool ride. For a striking visual, we're really excited about the look of OMNI and four matte color options giving you a helmet choice to match every ride and cycling kit. Choose from Matte Blue/Black/White, Matte White, Matte Red, and Matte Black.  Shown below with and without snap-on sun visor.

Omni Sizing Chart

Medium            55cm-59cm

 Large              59cm-61cm

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