COROS Walkie Talkie Is Back In Stock.
Any stock ordered after 30 Jan 2018 is compatible with both Coros Frontier and Omni
Tune In to Your Group Ride

20 Feb, 2017

Since Coros Frontier smart helmet was launched successfully in Australia and New Zealand in Oct, 2016, many of Coros fans are waiting for Coros to make Walkie Talkie feature available. The wait for that is over for them. Coros Walkie Talkie unit is launched now in Australia and New Zealand.

Coros Walkie Talkie unit is designed to help partners, group mates, cycling club members and bike tour participants to communicate each other smoothly while they are riding together and create a whole new experience of group riding for them.

With Coros Walkie Talkie unit, you and your riding group members can have a chat by simply  pressing a button on smart remote which is mounted on the handlebar. This remote is included in Coros Frontier smart helmet package.

It can bring much more fun to your group riding. For instance, you can organize a surprise attack on one of your mates who always jumps early. It will create a lot of fun there for your group ride. 

Coaches will definitely reap huge benefits from the features of the Coros Walkie Talkie. Being able to communicate with an entire group or a single rider will offer untold opportunities to correct imperfect cycling techniques and training flaws right there on the spot.


it will also offer huge benefit to bicycle tour operator. Should a tour member become separated from the group, tour leaders can locate them quickly and establish if an emergency situation has arisen which requires their assistance. When duty of care is taken into consideration, the Coros Walkie Talkie becomes somewhat more of an essential, than a luxury.

We are sure that you can find many more occasions where Coros Walkie Talkie unit can be applied to perfectly.


Tune in with the Coros Walkie Talkie and get ready for a whole new experience of group riding.

  • Bluetooth: CSR 4.0

  • Bluetooth working distance:Up to 10m

  • Bluetooth connectivity: HFP,SPP

  • Intercom working distance: 1km barrier free

  • Power: 0.8W

  • Built-in channel: 16

  • Battery: Lithium 3.7V/700mAh

  • Input: DC 5V/1A

  • Charging interface: Micro USB

  • Compliance: CE, FCC, RoHS compliant

UHF Channels Guidelines

Always listen on a channel to ensure it is not already being used before transmitting.

Legally restricted channels
  • Channel 5 and 35 are the designated emergency channels, and are not to be used except in an emergency.

  • Channel 11 is the 'call channel' and is only to be used for initiating calls with another person, who should quickly organize another vacant channel to continue their discussion on.

Channels used by consensus
  • The following channels are not legislated as a part of the class license however are used for the following purposes by consensus.

  • Channel 10 is typically used by 4WD clubs when in a convoy and in national parks. This channel is used to avoid interfering with road safety communications on channel 29 or 40. If you are not in a convoy it is recommended that only 29 or 40 are used, depending on the road in question.

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