Bringing more enjoyment, connectivity and safety to your ride

Embedded with Cutting Edge Smart Technology, COROS Frontier Smart Helmet are designed to help you enjoy your riding experience safely more than ever.

Music & Podcast
Will it make your riding more enjoyable if you can enjoy the music and podcast you like safely while you are riding?

Bone Conduction Speaker and Wind Resistant Microphone
Safety is assured. By having high quality bone conduction speaker and wind resistant microphone, you are fully aware of what is happening around you while you are enjoying our features with superb sound quality.

Phone Call
You can easily answer a phone call which might be important to you through smart remote mounted to your bike handlebar.

Voice Navigation
One day you might want to have a try of new route which can give you a buzz of that day. Somehow, you might lose your direction somewhere. No worry, through our Voice Navigation feature, you can easily find your way out again.

Coros Frontier Smart Helmet - White Red

AU$249.00 Regular Price
AU$99.00Sale Price
  • Bringing more enjoyment, connectivity and safety to your ride


    • Performance road cycling helmet with high speed low drag aerodynamic design and airflow vent cooling

    • Connected to smartphone audio capabilities - music, radio, podcast, phone calls, voice navigation and others

    • Open ear bone conduction for precision sound and full environmental and traffic awareness

    • Smart Remote with hand free audio control for volume,track, forward, pause & play, communication.

    • App to manage GPS ride details, routes, leaderboards, voice navigation; Data share with popular apps

    • SOS emergency alert via G-sensor

    • Comfortable foam strip lining, and dynamic fitting via ratchet system for extended wearing

    • All Weather: Rain, Water, Splash, Sweat resistant

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