Video review by Christopher Jones from Bicycles Network Australia

" The sound including treble is quite clear, but not only that, the music and other sounds you hear through the system don’t drown out other ambient sound. People talking to you, the sound of cars approaching, your gears and tyres are all clearly heard. It’s as if the speakers deliver sound direct into your head, bypassing your ears."

" Overall, the technical electronic functionality of the Coros performed very well, sound both transmitted and received is heard quite clearly. "

  By Gary Hunt on 'Bicycling Australia' Sep-Oct Issue 2016

" The ability to listen to music and field calls while still being able to hear traffic and other commuters around you would be invaluable. "

" The Frontier’s function for phone calls is hugely impressive, and the microphone, hidden in the helmet at the forehead, is a star performer. I made a few calls to test it out, and the person I was speaking to said they heard me like I was sitting indoors speaking through the phone – I was actually riding at 35km/h, on a major Melbourne road with a tram beside me. "

by Nat Bromhead from Bicycling Australia  in June 2017

" With no end of new products and ideas in the cycling world, genuine innovation is the key attribute shared by the small percentage that immediately make the ‘wow’ category. I put the Coros Frontier in that group - and a fair few of my riding mates do as well. "

" The ‘smart’ features of the Coros Frontier don’t stop at audio (music, podcasts or whatever else you choose to listen to). There’s also a built in microphone, neatly tucked in the top of the helmet away from any wind noise, that’s used for phone calls and the innovative Coros walkie talkie system. "

by Taylor Jones from Bike Exchange in July 2017

' The major drawcard of the helmet is undoubtedly the ability for riders to listen to music and field calls whilst still being able to hear the ambient sounds around them. '

' Given the wealth of smart features, build quality and aesthetics of the helmet, the Frontier is commendable in many ways, especially when you consider its affordable price tag. '

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